KVDU Live: Vol. 1

A thorough collection of in-studio recordings of some of Denver's best music, circa 2010.

During my time at the University of Denver, I worked part time at the university’s internet radio station (KVDU) as a “webmaster,” managing much of the station’s technical operations. In addition to maintaining the website and server, I also maintained the streaming radio server and trained new hosts.

After a working a year or two at the station behind the scenes, I partnered with station manager Whitney VanCleave to co-produce a show called KVDU Live, which featured live performances and interviews with prominent Denver bands and musicians. While Whitney manned the microphone, I handled engineering, live mixing, and recording. The show’s goal was ostensibly to help integrate the University of Denver’s student body with the wider Denver arts culture, but the results of that were dubious at best.

What did end up coming out of the show, however, was a fairly thorough collection of in-studio recordings of some of Denver’s best musicians at the time, mixed live and direct to two channels. The compilation, entitled KVDU Live: Vol 1 (of which there is and probably will only ever be one volume), was pressed to CD and given away to students of the University and distributed to local record stores.

Today, the compilation remains available to listen to and download for free, online.

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